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We are a small community of gamers, who grew up with an addiction to PC Gaming and thus became avid collectors of new hardware and peripherals

We decided to turn our collective knowledge of gaming equipment into a small review site for others to hopefully benefit from, our reviews are not sponsored by anybody therefore remain impartial.

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  • Corsair Void
    I can see what Corsair was trying to do, the quadrilateral design on the Corsair Void has earcups that are supposed to make the headset more comfortable for extended periods of time, and assuming you have the head and ears of 14-year-old they're correct.
  • BenQ XL2420z
    The BenQ XL2420z is possibly the most expensive 144hz 24 inch monitor in its category. For the price tag you get a multitude of features that gives great customisation and a user experience that struggles to be matched.
  • HyperX Alloy FPS
    The HyperX Aloy FPS does a good job of balancing a minimalist design with high-quality materials to make a keyboard that's a joy to use.
  • Corsair H2100
    Wired headsets have become a personal favourite of mine in recent years. Being an avid hardcore gamer all my life wires have always been the tool that kept me locked at my desk and always somewhat infuriating. In the past wireless equipment has been unreliable to a point where it should be no serious gamers first choice, however those times are long gone and wireless equipment is far more reliable and the Corsair H2100 is among the greatest. With a strong focus on comfort at an affordable price the H2100 is a strong choice for any gamer looking to unwire.
  • Logitech G502
    Logitech Proteus Spectrum G502
    Definitely my favourite gaming mouse that Logitech has brought out in years, if you were looking for an impartial unbiased opinion on this mouse i'm afraid you must look elsewhere, I'm definitely a fan.