8th May 2017

Corsair H2100

Wired headsets have become a personal favourite of mine in recent years. Being an avid hardcore gamer all my life wires have always been the tool that kept me locked at my desk and always somewhat infuriating. In the past wireless equipment has been unreliable to a point where it should be no serious gamers first choice, however those times are long gone and wireless equipment is far more reliable and the Corsair H2100 is among the greatest. With a strong focus on comfort at an affordable price the H2100 is a strong choice for any gamer looking to unwire.
5th May 2017
Siberia 800

Steelseries Siberia 800

With a hefty RRP of £229.99 in the UK or $249.99 in the US for most of us this will not be a frivolous purchase, but one that requires some serious thought.