BenQ XL2420z
22nd August 2017

Corsair Void


  • Somewhat Affordable
  • Wireless, USB or 3.5mm option
  • Cons

  • Cheap manufacture
  • Uncomfortable over long periods for some
  • Poor quality microphone
  • TL;DR

    A disappointing but functional headset, poor comparative sound quality and unconventional design choices make what could have been a good idea just a series of mediocre components dressed up to looks fancy.



    Corsair Void


    Is there life in the Void?

    Corsair fanboys grab your pitchforks and light your torches, or maybe just stop reading because I truly dislike this headset, don't let the 5/10 fool you, I would have given it less but as much as it hurts me to say, it does once plugged in, produce sound and record voice so it is, in fact, a working headset, however, if I was given a choice between this and a long bit of string with a can on each end... okay I'd pick the headset, but the can with a string is a very close second.



    Don't get me wrong, I can see what Corsair was trying to do, the quadrilateral design on the Corsair Void has earcups that are supposed to make the headset more comfortable for extended periods of time, and assuming you have the head and ears of 14-year-old they're correct, the cups are made of a very comfortable material but they're let down by a poorly fitting headband and in practicality the shape that is supposed to comfortably fit around your whole ear instead will likely end up causing you more discomfort than a traditionally shaped headset.

    The main body of the Corsair Void is made of the two aforementioned earcups, they're both connected via a small metal hinge that allows both earcups to be rotated which makes for easier storage but is by no means a unique feature. The shape is equal parts unique and terrible idea, with a quadrilateral design that tries to naturally replicate the shape of your ears, I find that for extended sessions they begin to cramp the tops and backs of my ears and puts pressure on the crown of my head, now I'm the first to admit that I have quite a big head, I haven't managed to find a hat that fits in years, however with a headset that has adjustable size options I just don't see how or why this should be a problem . Each ear pad is crafted from a soft-touch cloth and can be removed and replaced in the event of excess wear, this is one of the features that I really like, it's uncommon for companies to give you the ability to maintain your own equipment, because I presume they just want you to buy a new one instead of fixing the one you already have. In practice, the Corsair Void is rather an odd headset, as it’s quite comfortable over short sessions, but lacks any real grip against the head. As such it likes to move around of its own accord and requires frequent adjustment to remain in place.

    I'm not entirely unmoved by the void though it does have some design features I really like, the RGB logo is stylish and tasteful, I have a perfectly good desk lamp I don't need my headset to light up my room, also I appreciate the inclusion of all connection types, giving you the option of USB, wireless or 3.5mm jack and perhaps my favorite feature is the mute button and volume controls are on the side of one of the earcups instead of on the cable, back when I still used headset microphones this would have been a godsend, I once spent 20 minutes essentially having a conversation with myself before realising I'd leaned on my cable mounted mute button.



    I was entirely unimpressed by the sound quality of this headset, If you're seeking rumbling bassy lows, look elsewhere, even the mids and highs lack sharpness meaning you can lose a lot of the intricacy of background sounds. What you hear on the default settings is about as much quality as you'll get, even after fiddling with the EQ settings for a while in the companion software I couldn't make the sound quality hit my standards.

    The Void's surround sound mode is patchy at best, In my opinion, it's not even worth using. Virtual surround sound when using the Corsair Utility Engine prompts a drop in audio quality, sounds become more distant and harder to distinguish, and you don't get clearer and finer directional cues to make up for it. It's simply a 'better' sounding headset without the surround sound which is an unacceptable compromise in my book.



    As I mentioned before the Corsair Void manages to be both comfortable and awkward at the same time, the foam earcups are soft and don't cause overheating like some other materials, but this is let down by the headsets poor head grip, meaning even my massive head wasn't enough to keep it still and I had to constantly readjust it or keep my head completely still.

    Now although the material didn't cause my ears to overheat the odd shape of the earcups meant that the tops and backs of my ears were under constant pressure which over time became very uncomfortable, this along side the headband applying constant pressure to the crown of my head made for a very unpleasant experience over time.



    And the cherry to top it all off is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to gaming headsets, a poor quality and poorly designed microphone, I know this isn't as much of a concern for most people as it is for me but I can't help but feel that it's always the part of the headset that has the least thought put into it, the mic on the Corsair Void is your standard fare for that pro gamer aesthetic, however its rigid design and folding arm make storage awkward, I also find that the position means that I often knock the microphone, all of that I could forgive but the microphone itself is quite bad, suffering fairly heavily with plosive sounds, meaning your Ps and Bs will cause tiny pops and crackles.



    My final thoughts on the Corsair Void are that it's a headset where form came before function, it's stunning to look at with sharp edges and a unique design but once you strip back its appealing exterior you're not left with much else. I do appreciate the varied colours and the attention to detail that went into it, there are some solid design choices but poor audio quality and discomfort over long periods ruin what could have been an amazing product, all in all, I'm left with the impression that much like its namesake the Void is empty and lifeless.