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Logitech Proteus Spectrum G502

Logitech G502


  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • 3 Separate Profiles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cons

  • Unintuitive Customisation
  • Uncomfortable In Large Hands
  • TL;DR

    Mouse is packed full of features, with an attractive design and great quality. Very comfortable in the grip although can cause some strain on very large hands. Smooth glide with excelent tracking means it works well on any surface, also with 3 profiles for bespoke game settings. my one pet peeve is the learnig curve for some features is quite steep.



    Logitech's lead runner for wired gaming mice


    Definitely my favourite gaming mouse that Logitech has brought out in years, if you were looking for an impartial unbiased opinion on this mouse i'm afraid you must look elsewhere, I'm definitely a fan. Now i will admit i spent a long time not liking Logitech for reasons that either never existed or have faded from memory, but thanks to the Logitech Proteus Spectrum G502 the feud is over the peace treaty is signed now let's get into what changed my mind.

    Now the price is a little steep but nothing ludicrous by wired gaming mice standards, the RRP in the UK is £69.99 or $79.99 if you're lucky enough to live in the US, what you get for this price is quality, you can really see that a lot of time and effort went into the design and features.



    One thing that really stands out about the Logitech Proteus Spectrum G502 is the design, smooth and sleek lines are nicely complemented by angular button design and a rugged mouse wheel, the sides of mouse are covered with textured rubber to keep your hand comfortable and stable, this is beautifully brought together by the RGB logo all of which gives it a minimalist but stylish feel.

    The mouse boasts a not too insubstantial array of 11 programmable buttons each cleverly integrated to complement the design making it a very attractive gaming mouse, whilst also remaining varied and unique to allow for easy identification whilst gaming, however I would definitely recommend downloading the free Logitech Gaming Software, it allows you to program each key individually for use outside of games without their own key customization, you can also use the default G-Shift button to switch between 2 different sets of key binds allowing you a total of 20 programmable buttons on one gaming mouse.

    But Logitech knows that you don't use your mouse the same way for every genre of game, so the Logitech Proteus Spectrum G502 comes with onboard memory built straight into the mouse, allowing you to have 3 separate profiles saved which you can easily switch between allowing you maximum control, accuracy and customization whether you're aiming head shots or gauging skill shots it's got you covered, so if you're using G-Shift on all 3 profiles you can have 60 individually tailored keybindings.



    The mouse is relatively light clocking in at about 120g this gives it a nice easy glide on nearly any surface but in my opinion makes it feel a little flighty, but the Logitech Proteus Spectrum G502 come with a small magnet locked panel on the bottom of the mouse, it's easily popped open but is secure enough that you don't have to worry about it coming loose, inside is custom built space for 5 of the supplied 3.6g weights allowing you to precision customize the weight distribution of the mouse, this is a very welcome addition allowing you to really fine tune your gaming mouse to your own personal feel.

    The Logitech Proteus Spectrum G502 uses exclusive Logitech G Delta Zero optical sensor technology, this gives the mouse a very impressive tracking resolution of up to 12,000 DPI, I usually keep mine set around 9600 and use the DPI shift feature from the Logitech Gaming Software to drop it to about 3000 for sniping or other precision moments.

    What's that? That's not good enough? Well if after all of that you still think the mouse could be smoother you can use the Logitech Gaming Software to calibrate the mouse’s optical sensor and tune it to the surface which you're using giving you perfect control when you need it most.



    The mouse wheel has a cool little feature that I don't use as often as I probably should but it's still handy and it's nice to know it's there, there's a small button that switches between your standard incremental turn and a free spinning scroll that makes browsing through big documents or long forum threads a breeze, like I said it's nice but you'll probably forget that it's there until after you’re done. The USB cable for the mouse is strong and made of good quality durable braid, but other than that is pretty standard.



    In the past I've liked a mouse but there's always been something about it that's been off, it would be great for shooters but would be missing something when playing MOBAs, it's great to have something that does everything you need it to do. My one complaint, and it's a small one at that, is that actually configuring the mouse isn't explained very well by the setup instructions, it explains that the software is necessary but beyond that it's pretty vague, once you’ve got the hang of it it's pretty simple but it does a poor job of teaching you.

    So in case it wasn't entirely clear at this point I love this mouse, it's comfortable but stylish, it manages to be both simple but still manages to be multi-functional, making it a great choice for such a huge range of gamers, the price might be a bit of turn off for some people but in my opinion you get a lot more value for your money than with other gaming mice of a similar price.



    • Tracking
    • Resolution: 200 – 12,000 dpi
      Max. acceleration: >40G*
      Max. speed: >300 ips*
    • Responsiveness
    • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
      USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)
      Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM
      Dynamic coefficient of friction:* 0.10 μ (k)
      Static coefficient of friction:* 0.15 μ (s)
    • Physical specifications
    • Height: 5.2 in (132 mm)
      Width: 2.95 in (75 mm)
      Depth: 1.57 in (40 mm)
      Weight: 5.9 oz, mouse plus cable (168 g)
      Weight: 4.3 oz, mouse only (121 g)